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Why You Should Outsource Your Call Center

Implementing and running a call center for your business is something most companies must wrestle with, but this does not have to be a necessarily evil and can be an asset if strategic thought leadership and planning is done upfront. It all starts with knowing how your customers prefer to be served today and planning what this will look like into the future. Next, businesses will need to decide what their level of service excellence needs to be and their commitment to this for their customers while taking into consideration the cost of acquiring and retaining them. Then, what most companies struggle with, is clearly defining what is and is not a core competency and making operational and strategic decisions with these areas accordingly. Most business are not in the call/contact center business, yet they find themselves trying to be one. All businesses should invest time deciding what makes the most sense for their business to run internally as well as what might make sense to consider outsourcing. Getting outsourcing advisory help from professionals experienced with these business decisions and processes is highly recommended and can help companies avoid major mistakes, mitigate risk and establish operations to operate at the most optimal and cost effective levels for their business and customers.

What else should businesses be thinking about when considering what might make sense to outsource part of your operations?

  •         Cost is always a major driver. Being that most companies are not experts in running call/contact centers, they typically account for a major portion of the Opex budget and have an extreme amount of technology and process inefficiency built in. This is not even taking into consideration all of the real estate, labor, IT, insurance and other overhead costs that come into play for having your own internal contact center.
  •         Seasonal customer volume. Do you need to staff up and down for seasonal business? This can be a very costly and difficult thing to manage for businesses.
  •         Hours of operation. Do you have a need to support your customers after regular business hours? This can also be very costly and difficult to staff for businesses in the US.
  •         Core competency. Is your core competency running your business or a call center business? Often times, businesses can get this one thing very confused and outsourcing advisors can guide leaders to clarity here by carving out the specific areas that are not of primary expertise.
  •         Opportunity Costs. Many businesses can be missing out on opportunity costs by not partnering with outsourced call centers and taking advantage of all of the value adds for their customers and operations via technology, business intelligence and best practices.
  •         Disaster Recovery. This is another huge advantage of having an outsourced contact center partner managing part of your operations. 

A lot to consider? Absolutely! But, this is why outsourcing advisors exist and should be seriously considered to partner with your business to apply all of their years of expertise helping many other businesses with these very same challenges. To avoid major operational and strategic business decisions and to secure a relationship with a true strategic business partner for outsourcing advisory, contact BPO Partners LLC today.