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How Much Does an Internal Call Center Truly Cost?

Expanding your call center operations can be a great way to extend your business to reach an appropriate level of customer service for your customers, but it can be a costly one as well. Call centers are necessary part of your business to effectively serve your existing customers and acquire new ones, but one of the biggest challenges customer experience executives face is to accurately anticipate the actual soft and hard costs of this fully loaded operating expense. This is why many businesses rely on call center consulting when assessing the needs of their operations. So, how do companies calculate the true cost of a call center?

  •         First, the biggest expense of any employee heavy operation is the actual cost of labor. When calculating labor costs, businesses have to take all employees into consideration and not just the agents taking or making calls, chats or emails. This includes all management and support staff. These types of labor projections can be difficult for some business and leaning on call center consulting for help and expertise here is also recommended.
  •         Next, businesses have to consider the actual brick and mortar real-estate costs and all associated expenses that come along with this such as building maintenance, property management, additional insurance, etc. If you offer 24/7 support for customers, your costs from a labor and operating expense only go up.
  •         When estimating fully loaded costs to own and operate your own call center, the other areas that business must include are IT, security, recruiting/hiring, training and employee benefits. These costs can be up to an additional 40% of the actual labor costs of an employee and many business underestimate these expenses.  Call center consulting firms can add value for companies with assisting here as well and it is often recommended to utilize an industry professional to get a true view of the total cost to build and manage an internal call center.

At the end of the day, most businesses must implement some sort of call/contact center to support their customers any many do not have the expertise to do so. This task does not have to be daunting and if companies are able to get the right help up front to appropriately assess the cost and options to insource or outsource their operations, an incredible amount time, effort and risk can be saved. Contac BPO Partners LLC today to get help with call center consulting, outsourcing advisory and best practices for your business.